The Growing Industry of Dissertation Writing

Dissertation WritingTechnology has never been more advanced. As it continues to grow, the usefulness of technology has never made our lives easier. As for students, technology is a way of life. A college student can never survive a day without the use of technology.

Have you ever had that classmate who rarely participates in class and yet gets high grades? You wonder how this student gets high grades without doing anything at all. Well the answer is simple. Recently, a growing industry of Dissertation Writing or Essay Writing has become increasingly known by students worldwide. For starters, online companies such as and are companies that cater to students who need custom essays, thesis, term paper, research paper, dissertation, and even speeches done on a particular amount of time. Prices range from as low as $20 and vary depending on the demand and time of the client. They are written by custom essay writers who have professional or post graduate diploma.

Some professors and teachers have come to know the existence of these Dissertation Writing industries. Most, if not all, were furious and disappointed with how easily a student can order term papers online. The work loads these professors are giving to their students are done by professionals, not the way they envisioned it to happen. Nonetheless, they are helpless. It is a booming industry that continues to grow and most likely won’t stop for years to come.

Students have been taking advantage of these industries since the dawn of the internet. It has helped students in making their lives easier. But why do they have to do this? Well, school is not actually a walk in the park. Professors give students workload that can sometimes be unbearable. Students experience having 4 term papers submitted within a week, and it is never easy for them. Some students deem this as a punishment. That is why they turn to Essay Writing services to have it done. It is easier, quicker, and saves the students a lot of time.

an assignment you got from a professor

an assignment you got from a professor

Have you ever felt overburdened, stressed, troubled or even downright scared because of an assignment you got from a professor? Does it ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the world to complete the many tasks colleges and universities send you? Custom essay writers are to help you with an assignments in any shape or form that is created specifically to help children complete some of their most cumbersome tasks. Only plagiarism free papers and only A+ works, this is a key of your success.

With the rise of technology, we always turn to the one that gives us convenience. For students, nothing is more convenient than have someone write your paper. However, it is a luxury not everyone can afford. It is pricey for students especially the one who still get their money from their parents. It’s hard enough to budget the money for yourself. Some students oppose the use of essay writing companies as it is a form of cheating. Some disagree otherwise. But the reality is cheating is wrong if you do harm to someone else.

The problem for people who greatly oppose with these essay writing services is that they cannot stop it at all. Most of those essay writing companies are based outside of the United States thus avoiding United States jurisdiction, if any. Even so, if these companies are based on the United States, some people do not see anything wrong with it.